The View from Your Office

The other day I saw a post on Tumblr that had a picture of an office that had a beautiful view of San Francisco.  It made me dream of having such a view from my office window.

However, not all of us can have a view of San Francisco from our office window, but we can create a view that will give us that same feeling. If you have a window in your office space, make sure that your desk is situated so that you can see out (hopefully the view will be pleasant.) If not, add some decor to your walls that will give you that incredible feeling when you look at it. There are a variety of vinyl stickers (such as the one shown here), art work, and murals you can pick up to add to your decor.  Some of them even look like a window with a beautiful scene outside.  You can also use lighting and rugs to add more variety in your decor.  There is no reason for your office to be blah – spice it up with your personality.

At shop for lamps, rugs, etc that can add your personality to your office.  If you are looking for something in particular, let us know.  We will do our best to find it for you.  We are your source for the best in home office decor.

What Does “Home Office” Mean to You

Home office means different things to different people.  For those of us who have grown up and worked all our lives in a “regular” business office, a home office is generally just an extension of such offices.  However, a home office can be used by crafters as a workshop.  They will work on their crafting in their office.  They will work on their advertising (if they are in the business of selling their crafts).  They will work on their accounting in their office.  Therefore, their needs in a home office are somewhat different than what we would consider needs in our “regular” office.  Storage needs are different.  As shown in the picture from sehomes.tumblr,  storage for ribbons, storage for wrapping paper and storage for other crafting supplies are needed rather than so much storage for files, copy paper, etc.  Storage for smaller items such as beads, sequins, buttons, special pens is needed.

So we need to realize that we can’t just visualize home offices as an extension of a business office – we need to be creative and come up with office designs that can serve the many different versions of people who work from home.

At SheilasHomeOffice, we currently serve the needs of the “business office”, but as we go forward, we will also be watching for those items that can be used by a variety of work-from-home business owners.  If you have ideas for products that you would like to see in our store, please feel free to contact us with those ideas.  You can email us at or complete the Contact Form on our home page (bottom).

We want to be the source for the best in home office decor.